About Billy

At the age of seven, Billy asked Jesus into his life as his Savior but did not truly understand what it meant for Him to be both his Lord and Savior; he just didn’t want to go to hell. Soon after, he watched his parents go through a divorce and became very angry. He began to get into all kinds of trouble. He was arrested and found himself facing time in the juvenile center. Like many of us do when we get into trouble, he cried out to God that night and promised he would not go back to his same ways.
The next day he was released and went right back to his old life, only this time, he almost took someone’s life. He knew his life had to change but didn’t know how to change. Shortly after, during his summer of 9th grade, he had the option of spending the summer with his grandparents or going to a Christian summer camp in South Padre. In South Padre, he surrendered his life over completely to the Lord Jesus and has never been the same again. From then on, Jesus began to heal him and took away his anger; Jesus restored his life.

When Billy graduated from high school, the Lord put the desire in his heart to preach His Gospel and help people know that God can restore them too. God has given Billy the gift of evangelism, and everywhere he goes people come to know Christ. So far, God has allowed Billy to preach His Gospel in 17different countries around the world and here in America as well.

He has also been involved with FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) and participated in street preaching, working with gangs in the inner-city, helping start and flourish a lot of ministries, and much more. He graduated from Houston Baptist University in 2002 with a double major in Theology and History and studied biblical counseling at The Master’s College. He taught at a Christian private school in Pasadena and later in the juvenile centers in Houston.

He served as a youth pastor for several years at a few churches before being called by God to plant Acts Community Church on Oct. 31, 2010. His heart has always desired to go where no one else wants to go: back into the cities. He wants to see the cities won over to Christ one person at a time and causing a ripple effect within our communities. He has a beautiful God fearing wife, Nadia, whom he married on December 6, 2008. Nadia has a Masters in Biblical Counseling. She is also a certified biblical counselor through the Association of Biblical Counselors (ACBC) and currently is practicing biblical counseling at Acts Community Church. They have four beautiful daughters and expecting their fifth daughter in May 2017.

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