Michael: “God called us in so many ways to this mission field. I had a tremendous burden for evangelism and reaching the unreached (especially Muslim groups) after I got saved. My wife, Melissa had a similar burden and in 2009, we knew that God was calling us to Africa. After many years of training, difficulty, and toil, God sent us with Africa Inland Mission to Uganda in January 2015. While there, we met people from the MAP school who shared our passion for reaching Muslim people groups and had an amazing vision for fulfilling the heart of Christ in Mark 13:10. It also just so happened that their outreach leader was leaving to plant a new school and they needed an evangelism and outreach leader, something I had been doing at church for years. We came home and prayed and really felt the Lord’s hand in this. He proved through so many different ways that this was what the Lord was calling us to. So we left for Uganda, again, in July 2016, and God has really been bringing people to himself since.”

Reaching the Unreached and MAP School
There are still so many unreached people in the world, people that don’t know the Gospel at all. Many of these groups are in Africa and most of those groups are Muslim. Muslims are not wasting any time either. The Saudi government spends in 3 days on Muslim missions what the largest Christian missions entity is spending in an entire year. By 2070, Muslims may, for the first time, overtake professing Christians in worldwide numbers. The battle is real, especially for the soul of Africa.

The School of Missions and Prayer (MAP) is modeled after the Moravian Missions movement of the 18th century. The school trains African missionaries, who tend to be the most effective means of spreading the Gospel to other Africans, and trains them for two years in solid theology, Islamic apologetics, Arabic, evangelism, and discipleship. The school also seeks to develop a deep love for Jesus and heart for prayer. The students and staff are required to spend a substantial amount of time in the school’s prayer room every week and they attend overnight prayer meetings every month.

I have seen this strategy in reaching the unreached in action, and God is really using it. I went to Northern Kenya, a very dark place sold out to Islam, and met one of the African missionaries who had graduated from the school. He had some amazing stories about Muslim teachers and followers coming to Jesus. They even have planted some home fellowships in that region. God is really moving through them and I would ask that you pray very hard that God would continue to grow this movement so that we would see many saved out of darkness and into the glorious light of Jesus! Find out more at Send56.org.

What The Greens Do
Michael is the leader of outreach and a teacher at the school. He teaches islamic apologetics, Christology, & missiology, and leads evangelism and discipleship efforts with the students. His wife Melissa is a stay at home mom who home-schools their two children, Jason and Weylin, and brings them up in the ways of the Lord. She also opens up their home and makes dinner for a big group of Muslims every week, who come for bible study. Jason (6 years old) is an evangelist who goes out with his dad every week to share the gospel and Weylin (2 years old) says, “I want to EBANGELIZE wit you daddy, because I’m a man!” Soon enough, he’ll be big enough to go to outreaches with Daddy, too. We also have two baby daughters, Emerald (9 months) and Hope (7months [she’s our ugandan foster baby]).

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